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Grandpa Ron- A hospice story

If I could go back in time, I would still take Grandpa Ron home.I would still let him share my bed. I would still let him curl up on my chest every single night, purring right in my face.I would still put him in a handsome collar with a bell and a bow tie. I would still get him a cute little old man sweater to wear on colder days.I would still take him on a walk in a stroller I found in the shed at work, because I wanted the new sights and smells to distract him from the fact that he had to wear a diaper he hated toward the end.I would still love him with absolutely everything I have, because he was my perfect little lion and he deserved only the best.I won’t sugar coat it; I’m devastated. I cried until my head ached and passed out from pure emotional exhaustion for most of the day. But I also believe that the more intense the grief, the more worthwhile the experience that came before it.Rest in peace, my little lion. I love you.

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