Animal Welfare League

of Queen Anne's County

Queenstown, MD 21658
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Stray animals are brought to AWL by the public or Animal Control. We hold all stray animals for a stray hold of 8 days. Be prepared with the required documents to reclaim your pet.

Required documents:

  • Valid picture ID
  • Current rabies certificate
  • Current county registration


  • Impound Fee: $30.00 for first offence

                               $60.00 for second offence

                               $150.00 for third offence

                               $250.00 for fourth offence

  • Boarding fees (covers the cost of caring for your pet): $15.00 per day
  • Rabies (if not current): $30.00
  • Microchip (if not already microchipped): $35.00
  • Additional Animal Control fines may be applied


By appointment only. 

Our Address

Queenstown, MD 21658

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