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Success Stories

Please email us a photo of you and your newly adopted pet for inclusion. Include your name as well as your pet’s.

Most fun loving owner surrendered dogs

Kane was one our most fun loving owner surrendered dogs. Although initial reports suggested he didn’t do well with other dogs and was a behavioral challenge, after 14 months at AWL, his new adoptive family report that he’s a big clown who gets along great with their other dogs. His favorite new past-time, swimming, swimming, swimming.

This tough man improved by leaps and bounds

This is Trooper. He found himself in AWL's care when he was hit by a car Spring, 2015. After a bleak beginning, this tough man improved by leaps and bounds. After fostering to help him recover from his car accident injuries, he was found to have lymphoma. A new round of medical care followed donated, very generously, by Town & Country Animal Hospital of Centreville (who previously donated the majority of Trooper’s earlier medical and surgical costs). While he will never actually be cured of the lymphoma, he is currently in remission, and out once again with a new foster family, who intend for him to stay with them until his last days.

King of the house

Midas was one of our mature cats, who came to us this Spring as a community stray. With his creamy, gold coloring, and flowing locks, he took up residency in our ‘orange is the new black’ cat room, and within six-weeks, found himself adopted by a loving family who’ve come by to update us on his happy transition into their home. They’ve renamed him lucky, tell us he’s ‘King of the house,” and is doing great!

Two is always better than one

Hoovington and Diesel were not only cat mates at the shelter but are now sisters in their forever home.

AWL is not just about cats and dogs

We take in all creatures great and small. Having Bandit and Grunt (now known as Oodles and Noodles) come into the shelter was like play day every day for our director and staff. If you’ve never met a ferret your missing out on having such a cool and fun pet. Kayla, Dylan and Kyle didn’t waste any time convincing mom to adopt

Smiles & happiness to the young and elderly

You didn’t have to say cheese to get Lilman’s new mommy to smile for his adoption photo, she was so excited to take her new kitty home. While Baron went from a stray to bringing his new owner much joy and companionship, Mr. Johnson even came back to adopt a friend for Baron.

Good ole Gunther

Gunther with his soulful eyes, a stray without a home until The Leonard Family came along. Gunther now has 3 siblings to love and cherish. What a great start to the new year for both Gunther and The Leonard’s

Allie Adopted!

Allie Cat- another lovely older cat, dropped off at the shelter because the family could no longer care for her. She was a sweetheart, but very shy and coupled with her age made it difficult for her to catch the eye of potential adopters. After a year and three months at the shelter a plea went out for a forever home. Allie’s forever family finally found her in March of this year!

Lacy Adopted!

Lacy- poor, sweet senior yellow lab. She was turned in by her owners simply because they didn’t want to care for her anymore. She was at least 5 years older than they claimed. Being very stressed by other animals in the shelter, our staff thought she couldn’t happily go to a home with other dogs. Though many people wanted to give her a home, it was difficult to find one without other pets. After nine months at the shelter, her profile was posted on Susie’s Senior Dogs social media site. Lacy soon found the very best foster family. It didn’t take long for this great family to fall in love with Lacy and after a little time and patience, Lacy learned to love the family’s other dogs. She is now a permanent part of their family.

Kasey Adopted!

Kasey- handsome, red pit bull who went through two facilities in New York before the prior owners rescued him. The rescue sent him out un-neutered and with an adoption contract that instructed them not to return the dog. When Kasey and one household dog were not getting along Kasey found himself in AWL’s kennel. Stressed out by the kennel environment and needing an active home, it took nine long months for Kasey to get his freedom ride to his forever home. But thanks to some special people he is happier than ever!

Taco Adopted!

Taco- an older Chihuahua that was anonymously turned in by his owner, was quite an interesting and scared fellow. Fate was on his side when his future mom, Debra, walked through the doors of the shelter. Taco was scared to the point of being aggressive. Having experience with these type of dogs, Debra said she would foster him. After a lot of trial and error with different stress relieving methods, Taco (now Rocko)’s new family knew he could never find a different home. He’s just daring the photographer to take him back into the shelter.

Zoe Adopted!

Zoe- senior, sweetheart whose owner passed away and then she found herself in a cage at the shelter. With border line diabetes, being a black cat, and a senior, so many people overlooked her. After an ulcer ruptured in her one eye and she had to have it removed, a staff member took her home and adopted her shortly after, knowing that she could never bring special Zoe back to the shelter.

Lucky and Shamu

Lucky & Shamu- two older black and white cats. They came to us from different families. Lucky had a urinary health issue and Shamu only issue was just being a senior. Both spent many, many months in the shelter. But when AWL partnered with Pet Valu in Easton to showcase some of our animals, these two lucked out with a staff person there. After a year at the shelter both are now settling into their new home together.


It can be difficult for one of our many bully breed dogs to stand out in the crowd that is our kennel. After 7 long months, it was love at first sight for sweet heart Spike and his fantastic new family. He is happily settling in with his new four legged brother in his new forever home


Scrappy came to AWL after living on a chain, heartworm and Lyme disease positive, as well as toenails so long one was curled back into the pad of his foot. A pretty rough picture, but luck was finally on this little guy's side. After 4 months of treatments the perfect family walked into this funny guy's life and he is now living happily ever after.

Finn Adopted!

Sweet puppy Finn headed to his new home with mom Mary M. - enjoy your new family Finn!

Amber Adopted!

Amber getting ready to head home with her new family, the Taylors. Congrats to Amber and her new family, good luck!

Abby Adopted!

Abby and her adopters headed home to her new family on the farm!