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Adeline now Oakley

Adeline was adopted from AWL in October of 2019. Here is an update from her adopter:

"Sweet Oakley girl is right at home. She's bugging her big bro and sis and giving the sweetest nighttime snuggles. Her and Bella enjoy swimming together and wrestling. Leo, Bella, Oakley, Doug and I have really enjoyed family trail walks and visiting our families and their pups.

From the moment I saw Oakley on Facebook I knew I needed to save her. I just knew she belonged with us. From our first meet and greet, she felt like family. She fit perfectly with Leo and Bella. God put her in our lives for a reason and she was meant to be with us. She may have had a rough start to life but she will forever be loved and cherishes as a part of the Prince family.

Here's to many more years of hiking, swimming, ball and snuggles with my three gorgeous pups!"


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