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Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County (AWL) is an incorporated, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. AWL is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of homeless animals and serving as a positive presence in the community while providing valuable resources.


Our mission is to foster a community working together to improve and save the lives of homeless animals. We strive to set a standard of excellence and leadership in animal care, humane education and progressive animal welfare programs.


The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County serves as the primary source of care and adoption needs for animals taken in from Animal Control Officers, as well as unwanted pets and litters. Our facility is located at 201 Clay Drive, Queenstown, MD. Our phone is 410-827-7178.


AWL will continue to be an open-admission facility, accepting all domestic animals relinquished by the citizens of Queen Anne’s county, as well as all stray and impounded domestic animals transferred from Queen Anne’s County Animal Control.


AWL is committed to not only finding the animals adoptive homes that best fit their physical and emotional needs, but also to providing a shelter environment that allows them to thrive until they are placed. This includes regular and varied exercise and kennel enrichment programs along with socialization and behavior programs. All healthy or medically treatable animals, as well as all behaviorally sound animal's will have the opportunity to be adopted to a caring home. 


AWL is excited for the community to join in our mission. We have professional and compassionate staff that will warmly welcome volunteers and visitors. In fact, we cannot achieve our full mission without dedicated volunteers and a supportive community. We are excited about developing programs that will educate and involve animal lovers of all ages. We invite you to come for a visit and learn more about AWL.

Location & Hours

Queenstown, MD 21658
Phone: 410-756-0153


By appointment only. 

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Queenstown, MD 21658

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